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Cosmaroma has one of the largest selections of Baseboards in the GTA. We carry MDF, Pine, Poplar, Oak baseboards. We offer MDF Baseboards starting at just 0.33 Cents per ft. Baseboards protect the walls from being bumped by furniture and come in a variety of profiles.


Revive your interiors by replacing the baseboards, casings, and/or add character with an elegant crown mouldings. 


Crown mouldings are available in MDF, Pine, Maple, Oak and Poplar.

Cosmaroma serves Vaughan, Kitchener and all surrounding areas such as Woodbridge, Concord, Maple, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Toronto, Cambridge, Guelph, Waterloo as well as other regions of ONTARIO.


We are specialized in trimming and moulding and all sorts of flooring needs.

Cosmaroma prides Itself on being able to save YOU MONEY! 


Baseboards complement a casing and creates a smooth transition from the wall to the floor, guiding you seamlessly from room to room. Baseboards create harmony with your casings to finish and tie the room together. Your look starts here – at the foundation of a room.


Casing is used generously in spaces and is often the most visible moulding in a room. Casings are primarily used to go around a door or window, covering the gap between drywall and the door or window frame. Casings are generally thicker than base mouldings, they bring a room together – left to right, top to bottom. And like any framing element, the options are endless, from build-ups of multiple pieces to full wraps. With casings, there’s no wrong way, only your way


Cap off your look with the perfect crown moulding. A great crown is the royal wrap-up of all your moulding decisions. A moulding designed to sit at an angle between the wall and ceiling. They are sometimes referred to as a cornice. Crown moulding has many uses – it can be integrated into the architrave or header over a door or window, as part of the mantel on a fireplace surround, or to encase the top of a column.

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A Back Band can be used in conjunction with casing or baseboard to create a wide variety of trim options for windows and doors.


Baseboard shoes are primarily used to trim flooring materials and are often used in combination with a traditional baseboard to conceal variations between the flooring and the base. We carry shoes for all profiles.


A door jamb can be installed on top and sides of a door or window frame- a vertical frame- that contact the door or sash. 


Finished boards for multi-purposes, including shelving, window ledges, base, and casing.



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