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Pre Hung Services

$ 90.00 price varies


Pre-hung services refers to the installation and preparation of doors within a door frame before they are actually hung in place. This is commonly done in construction and remodeling projects to streamline the installation process and ensure that the doors are properly aligned, fitted, and functional when they are placed into the door openings.

Here's what's typically included in pre-hung door services (material sold separately):

  1. Door Jambs (Pine)
  2. Door handle cut out
  3. Key hole router on door jambs & door
  4. Door stops attached to the jambs
  5. Hinges router to the door jamb & door
  6. Pre hung assembly U-channel (x1 per door)

For 78” doors – extra fee to cut down the door

-      Hollow doors: $30

-      Solid doors: $30

No cutting down doors from the side (vertically)

Pre hung assembly cost for 84”, 90” & 96” doors - $100, 80” - $75


-      For 78” and 80” doors ONLY use round ¼” radius hinges  

-      For any size OVER 80” ONLY use butterfly hinges

-      $30 extra fee charge for any other hinges (ex. Square) per door

-      Hollow doors require only 2 hinges per door

-      Solid core doors require 3 hinges per door

Door Jambs:

-      If using the door jamb kits, you only need 1 per door (already labeled left or right)

-      Each door will need 2.5 pieces of doorjambs. If you only have 1 door or an odd number of doors, you must round up.

o  For example, if you have 3 doors you would need 7.5 pieces, therefore you would charge for 8.

-      96” doors need to have doorjambs that are 98”

-      Double doors need 3 door jambs per set

-      Custom door jamb sizes have an additional cost

Door Stops:

-      If the door stop is 10’, you need 2 per door

-      If the door stop is 7’ or 8’, you need 2.5 per door (you must round up)

-      For any 96” doors always use 2.5 per door (you must round up)


Please note on each door if it’s a right or left hand swing (expect for double doors).

The average time required to make and ship these doors are about 3-4 Weeks depending on the order size and location of store.

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