Cosmaroma's Product Image
Cosmaroma's Product Image

1 Panel Solid Core Door (Clear Glass) - 36 x 80 - D1CG36

$ 180.00

  • Product Code: D1CG36
  • Brand: Cosmaroma
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The 1 Panel Solid Core Door with Clear Glass is a stately and functional addition to any space, spanning 36 x 80 inches. This door offers the best of both worlds, combining the solid feel of a core door with the inviting openness provided by its clear glass panel. The broad glass allows for ample light to pass through, creating an illusion of a larger, more welcoming space while still ensuring the privacy and quiet that comes with a solid door. This makes it ideal for settings where concentration and calm are desired, but with a visual connectivity to the surrounding areas. Its significant presence is suited for both traditional and contemporary spaces, demanding attention while seamlessly integrating with various decor styles.