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Cosmaroma's Product Image

Onward - 2820FBB - 3" Hinges - Black Round Radius 1/4" - 2pc per pack

$ 3.99


"Onward - 3" Hinges - Black Square - 2pc per pack" refers to a specific type of hinge that is commonly used for doors or cabinets.

  • Brand: Onward is the brand or manufacturer of the hinges.
  • Size: The hinges are 3 inches in length, indicating the overall size of the hinge.
  • Finish: The hinges have a black finish, giving them a sleek and modern appearance.
  • Shape: The hinges have a square shape, which means that the corners of the hinge leaf or knuckle are square rather than rounded.
  • Quantity: The hinges are sold in packs of 2 pieces.