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Cosmaroma's Product Image

Floorest Porcelain Tile - Gento Carrara Matte - [12 x 24]/[24 x 24] -16SF/BOX - CT22011M

$ 3.99 SF

  • Product Code: CT22011M
  • Brand: Floorest
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The Floorest Porcelain Tile, model Gento Carrara Matte, features several notable characteristics:

  • Size Variations: Available in two sizes - 12 x 24 inches and 24 x 24 inches.
  • Color and Texture: This tile sports a Carrara marble-like appearance in a matte finish.
  • Box Size: 16 square feet.
  • Model Number: CT22011M.
  • Material Composition: Crafted from porcelain, it boasts durability and moisture resistance, ideal for various settings.
  • Design Appeal: Its design mimics the classic beauty of Carrara marble, fitting seamlessly into a range of decorative styles, from classic to contemporary.

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