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Floorest Porcelain Tile - Bianco Nuovo - 24 x 24 16SF/BOX - CT22005 (OLD) Batch # 1 CLEARANCE

$ 1.49 SF $ 3.99 SF

  • Product Code: CT22005
  • Brand: Floorest
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Floorest Bianco Nuovo Tile - 24 x 24, 16SF/BOX - CT22005

Discover the sophistication of the Floorest Bianco Nuovo tile, a perfect choice for modern spaces. Each box covers 16 square feet, making it ideal for both small and large areas.



Size: 24 x 24 inches, offering a grand visual impact.

Quantity: 16 square feet per box.

Model: CT22005, part of the Floorest Bianco Nuovo series.

Design: Elegant and contemporary, suitable for various interior styles.

Application: Ideal for residential and commercial flooring.

Elevate your space with the Floorest Bianco Nuovo tile, combining style and practicality in every box.

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